Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Me but new and improved

In the spirit of my procrastination, I've decided to share with everyone the resolutions I've made for the year of 09. It may be an outdated topic for a blog considering that it's been 28 days since the new year began, however, as I implied earlier, I have a procrastinate-y spirit.

My Resolutions

1. To work out regularly (ie: Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays type of deal)
I've actually been doing a good job with this considering that I've learned to create a good habit by attaching it to a habit/ritual that I do everyday (or very often). As a ritual I leave work to get to my Astoria neighborhood around 6 every evening, and I've attached my gym going with this subway ride. It also helps that the gym is right there, right next to the subway station as I exit. I can't not go if its right there, I just can't.

But I don't just walk into the gym with my work clothes and New York-y boots. I pack my gym bag the night before, attaching that habit to the habit of brushing my teeth and readying myself for the manicky morning. Yes, I'd have to say this is my most successful episode of gym-going in a while. Not like that summer where I ran so much my knees turned to minced meat. It's always good to be moderate.

2. To be an active runner
Not like that summer where I ran so much my knees turned to minced meat. Definitely not.
Pacing, moderation, and knowing to give it a break is good on me and my knees. Leg lifts are good too.

3. To run a half marathon (to enforce resolution #2)
I told my roommate Stephanie of my serious-but-not-so-serious-but-if-you-want-to-do-it-too-i-think-might-start-taking-it-seriously dream of running a half marathon. She looked up a half marathon that we could train for, and she and I will push each other to run it in the summer. When spring arrives I hope to train in central park (it's 20 minutes of a train ride from where I live and I've only been there 3 times in 6 months. Why have I become this way? Wait for resolution #7)

4. To nurture my creativity (sing, dance, draw, sew, craft, scrapbook[yes, I used to make scrapbooks and they were a fun on going hobby of mine as a preteen], make t-shirts)
Stylesight is a wonderful first job outside of college land. Did I mention I can see the Empire State Building right out my window? My office used to be Tommy Hilfiger's showroom. Ralph Lauren's office is a few floors below. Could I be working in the same building that Rachel Green worked in? I'd like to think so. But anyways, I do a lot of photoshop but not a lot of brain storming. And brain storming was my thing in VCU. In college, I didn't develope a lot of skills with adobe tools, rather I explored my mind and limits to what a project could encompass. If you've seen my Mr. Suggs project, the goal of the project was just to create a timeline (one of the most open-ended project briefs ever! Thank you, Patrick Bell!).

5. Limit my addictions
When I wrote this down as one of my resolutions, I was thinking about coffee and my love-hate relationship with it. At the time I was drinking so much coffee that I could feel it in my heart. Literally. I was born with a heart murmur and consuming stimulants (ie: caffeine, sugar) is not a good idea. I've limited it down to one cup about every other day or so. I've tried making it a reward to my gym going. "If I had gone to the gym yesterday, then I can have a coffee today" is my statement in the morning sometimes. I actually forgot about that this week, so its a good thing I typed it down, able for the world to see. And perhaps for people to remind me.

Also, drinking too much alcohol is lame. I know because I fell down the escalators.

6. Live simply (minimize my materials)
I have too many things in my little room. Organization has its limits. Too bad I bought a dress for myself the other day. Damn Uniqlo and their comfortable yet fancy items.

7. Take advantage of New York
I live in New York and I believe that my pennypinching habits have inhibited me in the past from exploring places that I had wanted to explore and things I wanted to do. Or that people hadn't had the time to do things with me, or the money. In December I had a phone conversation with my college friend Laura, and we got to talking about Richmond and VCU and how we miss it. And I realized how much I had missed, not so much lovingly but literally. In Richmond, I missed out on the nightlife, restaurants, museums, and other places that were distinct place markers in the lives of VCU students living in the once capital of the Confederacy. I've never been to the Village, Edo's Squid, Panda Veg, Cafe 821, and that one spot next to Pla-za Art. Hell, I've only been to the medical campus a handful of times–mostly to pick up my old roommate Rae from work. The Richmond time has gone and passed and I must move on and learn. Well, my resolution is to take full advantage of the Big Apple regardless of crappy transportation, bitter and frigid weather, and frugality. I must acknowledge that saving money is good but you can't take it with you when you leave here. So spend a little to enjoy the little pleasures of a city life, and life itself. And I think I am. Here's a review:

Last weekend I went to a (free) James Jean exhibit (recommended by John, thanks!) with friends, had a cup cake break at Billy's which is somehow associated with Magnolia Cupcakes (but I now know are not all that great), explored the giant Macy's—for the bathroom, went shopping in Uniqlo, ate some terigold chicken (good but not as good as the korean fried chicken at..whats that place called?), drank at 3 different bars—2 in the st. marks place area and 1 in the lower east side (in short, I had fun at all of them), and finally ate at a 24 hour diner where i had soup and hot chocolate (it was cold that night, duh), and took a cab home for the first time from the city. $19 to get to Astoria all the way from Astor place—not bad. Best Saturday ever.

Plus, on Tuesday I tried out a revered hip hop dance class with my friend Tara at the Broadway Dance Center. Challenging as hell, but I know what I want now—to dance again. I'm going to another dance class on Saturday. Hope this one is easier.

I end this post with a picture of my resolutions hanging on my mirror so that I see them every morning.


KHLEANG said...

Haha some odd reason in #4, right when you said "Ralph Lauren" I thought of Rachel Green from Friends; and low and behold you were thinking the same thing. I hope you stick to your resolutions!

Francis said...

KAREN!!! I miss you!! I like your resolutions =) How's life?