Monday, April 12, 2010

Running update

Old news for some and new news for most—I ran a 10k. And it was delightful. Back in January my buddies from Richmond, VA convinced me to sign up for the Ukrops Monument 10K in our college campus, VCU. After contemplating for a few days, I signed up and never looked back. After some gruesome training for 2 months, I ran that thing in 01:01:36 (horrah!) which was my best timing ever. I don't think I've even ran this fast in high school, which is saying a lot.

Not only was it an accomplishing feat, but the run in itself was beautiful. Think of concrete, brick roads surrounded by historic, southern houses with giant porches, blooming dogwoods on a sunny saturday morning, giant monument statues of old civil war leaders that mark every roundabout you pass, and (lordy) the people. Imagine running with hundreds of people down
the same brick road as you all pass by cheerleaders, volunteers handing you cups of water and powerade, dozens of rock bands, and you look to your right and see a giant squirrel chasing a paper mache acorn, a tornado, and a man holding a washing machine. Next year perhaps i'll wear something more awesome than 3 shirts plus 2 pairs of pants (after all it was 36 degrees that morning).

And! The New York runners (Steph, Jacob, Francis, and I) got to see the sites and eat the food that is Richmond. Even with a short lived flat tired drama towards the end of the Richmond vacation, everything was a worthwhile adventure.