Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Seven Random Facts About Myself

So there's this thing going on. Sorta like a chain letter, but instead of being cursed, you just wonder what to write in order to update your blog. I read Aly's blog, and after reading a list of seven random things about her, she tags a few of her friends and readers to do the same. I usually don't do these surveys, but Aly is my friend. And I sort of want to. So let's begin:

I am 23 years old, yet I look 15.

I miss my family. I feel that I never am able to spend time with them. I've lived in Richmond for 2 1/2 years prior to moving to New York and each visit just doesn't seem as fulfilled as I wish it could be. The last time I saw my father, he had wrinkles and grays that I didn't remember from the time before last I saw him. Sometimes I'm afraid that I will never see them again.

Before the end of this month, I'll be cutting my hair again. Another faux hawk awaits. I've done this three times already. Growing my hair a considerable length and then chopping it all off. This ritual of mine has been the inspiration behind one of my portfolio pieces called "Hair Maintenance."

My internship boss got me a ticket to the Lucie Awards and I'm excited to see some great photography and to hopefully meet some photographers.

I'm progressing in the freelance game. I am the Coordinator of Advanced Design Solutions for a company called KWANT Solutions, and soon the website will be up online. Also, I just created a logo for an organic lingerie company and am on board to create their packaging, website, etc. Last, I am to begin creating a website for a writer from Montreal, who fortunately met and interviewed my favorite artist, Feist.

I still need to find an inexpensive, yellow trench coat so that I can be Jubilee for Halloween.

I'm reacquainting myself with my sketchbook. Expect some pretty pictures in upcoming blogs. Thanks for reading to the end.