Sunday, January 11, 2009

The adventures of Karen!

So I've decided to update my blog a few highlights of this past weekend; one is this highest and lightest highlight of them all. Guess which!


1. Finally got a library card and borrowed two books (Style 101–What Every Stylish Woman Should Know by the editors of In Style Magazine and Design Can Change Your Life by Extreme Makeover Home Edition's Ty Pennington), and to top it off, a recomenable dvd, Rocket Science by Jeffrey Blitz.

2. Took a tumble down a set of escalator stairs and realized how difficult it was to hold on to something stable on a moving staircase as I continued to tumble and tumble and tumble. And tumble.


3. Bought some bandaids.

4. Watched movies all day. Go Rocket Science and The Dark Knight!

5. Used my sewing machine for the first time in months–yet not for my own project, but to help out with Francis' hooded scarf projecct.

Sunday (today):

6. Purged my apartment of the mountain that was plastic bags growing inside the kitchen cabinets. Rite Aid's "recycle plastic bags" bin is now their new home.

7. Attempted to attend a free yoga class in Noho with Stephanie, my roommate. The teacher as absent therefore the class was canceled. Instead of working out, we went to Cafe Select and had some coffee, crescents with nutella, and chocolate bread. Yumm.

8. Called the wrong person today and had a very Seinfeld-like moment. My friend Elaine was supposed to meet us at yoga today, I call Elaine and tell her that class is canceled and get the response "what class? um okay." One hour later I realized I called the wrong Elaine after receiveing a text message from the real Elaine. Damn. I must always include last names in my phonebook from now on.

And these were the highlights.


jenniblue said...

I need to move to New York soon so I can partake in plans like #7...


KHLEANG said...

Hey! I ended up wandering to your blog from Jessica Millete's blog lol. Well, I think we met maybe once but just wanted to drop by and say hi and your blog is cool :) feel free to look at mine, it's fairly new.